The English Faculty recommend…

A round up of our favourite reads this summer term.

This is a Historical fiction novel. It is based on real historical events where a Muslim community helped to shelter and protect Jews from the Nazis during WW2, in a Parisian mosque. Safiyyah is the protagonist. She is a fascinating heroine: loyal, brave and feisty. The book is beautifully written and full of heart warming moments. I would highly recommend it to all students who love reading stories full of suspense as well as learning about important aspects of history that are not covered elsewhere very often. 

Ms Sultana

Pick up this book if you’re keen to be transported to a side of London you’ve never seen before. One of magic and realism, fear and bravery, life and death. The protagonist Adam’s connection to the Tyger and determination to overcome the oppression of the ruling class and the terrifying Sir Mortimer Maldehyde made for an incredible page turner. If you love tigers, art, magic or a story of good v evil, you’ll love Tyger. 

Ms Casey

Set in an alternate, dystopian London where the British Empire remains a ruling force in its treatment and segregation of people, this is an engrossing mythical tale of imagination, humanity and hope.  ‘You can see possibilities, and turn them into realities.’ The Tyger represents Hope. Burning bright. 

Ms Harrison

Think London if slavery hadn’t been abolished…Within this dystopian world, two protagonists – Adam and Zadie – meet a magical Tyger, who teaches them magical powers. Only, these powers aren’t magical in the strictest sense of the word….rather, they’re the kinds of human insights that we all have at our fingertips – or mind-tips – and that we could all harness to bring about the kinds of powerful changes that Adam and Zadie think. I also loved his other series of books, the Varjak Paw series. Once again, expect a cat and harnessing of inner powers. In this case, it’s Varjak Paw, a cat who learns a secret martial arts for cats known as the Way of Jalal, and must use them all if he wants to survive in a dangerous city in which vanishings are becoming increasingly common…

Ms Fox

If you want to read a book that takes you on a journey through the mind of a young, up-and-coming rapper whilst dealing with all the struggles of a teenager and beyond, then this is the book for you! It is written in the way some of us think and feel which I think would really captivate young adult readers in a way that not many writers have been able to do before. Loved every page of this and I’m sure you will too!

Mr Hussain

This book is for anyone searching for gritty excitement as it follows Erik – a teenage boy who is trying to do the right thing in incredibly tough circumstances. It will make you think, ‘What makes someone take the wrong path in life?’ ‘How can you fix an apparently impossible situation?’ ‘What is it like to never feel safe?’ Please be aware this novel has strong language and violent scenes.

Mr Vincent

The Giver by Lois Lowry forces us to imagine a world where everything is perfectly controlled. Where there is no pain, no fear, but also no love. Everyone follows strict rules, and life seems ideal, without conflict or suffering. When Jonas turns twelve he is chosen to be the Receiver of Memories. He becomes the only person, in the community, who holds all the emotions and experiences of the past. Read the book to find out what he chooses to do with his new-found knowledge. It is a captivating read!

Ms Nguete