Recommended Reading KS4/5+

‘Books are a uniquely portable magic’

Stephen King

Reading for just 20-30 minutes everyday helps to improve your knowledge and understanding of the world around you, your confidence, and your reading and writing skills. It also helps to you to relax and exercise your imagination; reading can show you a different world – a place you’ve never been before!

We really hope you enjoy flicking through our Reading Recommendations for KS4 and KS5 below. Recommendations are grouped by genre and include a number of favourites from students and staff (see Book Reviews) and suggested titles to complete the Read around the World Reading Challenge 2022. We have/will have every copy listed by the end of May 2022 available to borrow from the LRC.

The English Language GCSE Paper 1: Explorations in creative reading and writing introduces a range of prose fiction drawn from either the 20th or 21st century in extract form. So many are fantastic works of fiction (and personal favourites) that we think it’s a shame that the extract (so often the opening chapter) ends there.

Here – and displayed in the LRC as well as in relevant lessons – are all the novels and short stories from which you’ll find the extracts. There’s a brief synopsis of the story, information about the author and suggestions for further reading if you like what you see.