Accelerated Reader

“Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while.”

Malorie Blackman
Click on the icon to visit the Accelerated Reader website and quiz at home!

All students in Years 7 to 8 at George Green’s School participate in the Accelerated Reader Programme during English lessons. The programme will help you to find and select books that will both interest and challenge you. Since the programme began in October 2012, more students are reading than ever before and feeling more confident in doing so:

In a survey of all Year 8 students, 77% felt that their ‘reading skills had improved’ and 67% ‘felt more confident in their reading’. (2017)

When joining the Accelerated Reader Programme, you’ll be given a specific ‘ZPD’ level which determines the range of books that will best challenge you. You will also be set a points target each term (each book is worth a different number of points based on difficulty and length). 

When you finish a book, you take a short quiz and if you score 80% or above, you’ll receive these points.

Nearly every book in the LRC has a Accelerated Reader quiz and on our eBook Platform VLeBooks you can quiz as soon as you finish your last page. To log on to AR, click on the icon above or here and enter your school username e.g., hpotter1.211 and your school password.

At home, you can even search for books that have AR quizzes using AR Bookfind.

You can track your progress at home using Home Connect – simply log in using your school account details as AR.

Students who make the most progress against their personal target are awarded prizes and all runners up a place on the ‘wall of fame’ in the LRC. Go get quizzing!