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Genre: fiction, mystery

Key Stage: KS3 (age 10+)

Rating: ★★★★★

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Wild Boy and the Black Terror, Rob Lloyd Jones (2014)

Wild Boy and the Black Terror is a very powerful and suspenseful read. This book, like its predecessor in the series, is another whodunit and gets your heart racing as you flick through its pages.

Wild Boy and Clarissa, now in the company of ‘the Gentlemen’, a secret society who look after the security and affairs of the British Empire, are still bored even though they’re living in a grand palace. After being in the company of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the acrobat and ‘monster’ are assigned to a mysterious case which threatens to sweep through London: a mysterious man who worships a demon is coming, and he seeks to destroy the British Empire. Marcus the enigmatic yet caring guardian of Clarissa and Wild Boy and member of ‘the Gentlemen’ is overseeing the case. As they work together Marcus is suddenly struck by a strange disease that turns his skin white and his veins black. Wild Boy and Clarissa have to put their combined skills together to solve the mystery of the illness called The Black Terror which leads Wild Boy to turn to the most unexpected of people.

I loved reading Wild Boy and the Black Terror, and I suggest it to those who love classic whodunits but also those who like a creepy book. This book does have mature chapters and scenes for younger readers, so I do suggest that you have an open mind and be mature while reading!

Reviewer:  Mahdi Amin, Year 7

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