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Genre: autobiographical

Key Stage: 4+ (mature readers)

Rating: ★★★★★

Strong Woman: The Truth about Getting to the Top, Karren Brady (2012)

Baroness Brady is a Member of the House of Lords, as well as Lord Sugar’s right-hand aide. She is also a sporting executive, newspaper columnist and a television personality.

Strong Woman is the autobiography of Brady. It discusses all about the hardships of being a woman in business, but also the advantages, her life, and her achievements. She talks about the challenges she’s been through, and how she juggles having a family and work.

I particularly enjoy reading about the war to buy the Olympic Stadium, and how Brady used smart tactics to win it for West Ham. I have no dislikes on this marvel of a book, and I know anyone who reads this will be inspired to work hard and persevere in life.

Brady also talks about racism, sexism and discrimination overall, and how it is not acceptable. She is a truthful person who comes straight out with what she wants to say, fixing the mistakes other people have made, as well as teaching others to fix their own, hold their ground and be loyal.

This book is a must read. I suggest to everyone, specifically those reaching for the stars. It makes those having second thoughts about entering the world of leadership become inspired and fight 10 times harder. Baroness Brady’s story provides motivation to everyone around the world – her journey is an unforgettable and great story to tell; reading this book will light a certain spark in you that no other person can argubly do.

Reviewer: Mahdi Amin

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